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Sci-Tech Glassblowing, Inc. was established to meet the design, fabrication and repair needs of the many industries that utilize custom glass blowing.  Not only do we produce custom borosilicate (Pyrex) and quartz scientific glass for our customers, but we also work with them closely during the design stage to help ensure that they will be getting the strongest, most cost effective quality product for their needs.  Some of the scientific glass that Sci-Tech Glassblowing produces on a regular basis include:

Diffusion Tubes     Process Boats
Ends Caps Boat Holders & Forks
Process Cassettes Manifolds
Ampoules Adapters
Connecting Tubes Condensers
Distilling Apparatus Custom Flasks
Separatory Funnels Stoppers
Reactors Stopcocks

Sci-Tech Glassblowing's glass blowing facility can process borosilicate up to 24" in diameter and quartz up to 14" in diameter.   To help avoid material acquisition delays, Sci-Tech Glassblowing maintains a large on-site inventory for the majority of the glass sizes within its production range.  

When requesting a quote for a custom glass blowing services, please include a drawing, sketch or sample that shows all dimensions and tolerances.  Requests can be submitted by:

Fax:  (805) 523-9799
Courier: 5555 Tech Circle, Moorpark, CA 93021, USA

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